11 Mukhi Rudraksha original


Shape:- Oval / Nut Shape

Origin:- Nepal

Mukhi/Face:– 11

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Disclaimer: Because of variations in photographic lighting and the diversity of viewing devices, the colour of the displayed product may differ slightly from its actual hue. Likewise, minor disparities may exist between the displayed product and the physical item. Additionally, all properties mentioned are rooted in belief and should be approached with an open mind, as individual experiences may differ.



11 Mukhi Rudraksha original: A Path to Prosperity, Victory, Health, and Wealth

Embark on a transformative journey with the Eleven-Faced Rudraksha (Gyarah Mukhi), a sacred bead renowned for its divine connection and powerful properties. This guide explores its planetary association, divine connection, benefits, historical context, and maintenance tips, and welcomes your questions.

Associated Planet and God:

Planet: Mars.

God: Lord Hanuman, the epitome of strength and devotion, is linked with this Rudraksha.

Benefits of Natural 11 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • Spiritual Harmony: Channels divine energies for spiritual growth.
  • Strength and Courage: Infuses the wearer with strength and courage.
  • Protection: Acts as a protective shield against negative energies.
  • Wisdom: Enhances intuition, wisdom, and overall spiritual growth.
  • Balancing Energies: Promotes balance in body, mind, and soul.
  • Clarity and Concentration: Boosts clarity of thought, and concentration, and removes obstacles.

Additional Properties:

This sacred bead possesses immense spiritual and therapeutic properties. It enhances intuition, wisdom, and overall spiritual growth, promoting clarity of thought and concentration. Wearing it brings good fortune, protects against negative energies, improves relationships, and elevates one’s name, fame, and reputation, fostering emotional well-being.

Historical or Mythological Context:

In Hindu mythology, the 11 Faces of this Rudraksha represent the eleven Rudras, who are manifestations of Lord Shiva’s divine energy. The bead is revered for its connection to Lord Hanuman, symbolizing unwavering devotion and strength.

Maintenance and Care Tips:

  • Cleaning: Gently wipe with a soft, clean cloth to remove dust.
  • Energizing: Expose to sunlight periodically to enhance its spiritual energy.
  • Storage: Keep in a clean and sacred space when not in use.

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Ready to experience the spiritual harmony of the 11 Mukhi Rudraksha original? Explore its divine benefits and elevate your spiritual journey and reputation.

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