Rudraksha Water Beads


Shape:- Round

Origin:- India

Mukhi/Face:– 5

100% Originality Guarantee.

Lab Testing Report Certificate will come along with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha for Rudraksha Water Beads Therapy.

Disclaimer: Because of variations in photographic lighting and the diversity of viewing devices, the colour of the displayed product may differ slightly from its actual hue. Likewise, minor disparities may exist between the displayed product and the physical item. Additionally, all properties mentioned are rooted in belief and should be approached with an open mind, as individual experiences may differ.



Rudraksha Water Beads Therapy: Holistic Well-being for Body and Mind

Rudraksha Water Therapy involves soaking Rudraksha beads in water overnight and consuming the infused water in the morning. Rooted in Ayurvedic traditions, this practice is believed to offer a range of health benefits, including support for blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level management.

Rudraksha Water Beads Therapy Benefits

Blood Pressure Regulation:

  • Rudraksha beads are associated with calming properties.
  • Regular intake of Rudraksha-infused water may contribute to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Cholesterol Level Support:

  • Ayurvedic traditions suggest that Rudraksha Water Therapy could assist in managing cholesterol levels.
  • The therapy may contribute to the promotion of heart health and balanced cholesterol levels.

Blood Sugar Level Management:

Rudraksha beads are believed to have properties that support overall metabolic health.

Consuming water infused with Rudraksha essence may contribute to the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Boosted Immune System:

  • Rudraksha Water Beads are thought to possess immune-boosting properties.
  • The water absorbs the essence of the beads, providing a holistic boost to the immune system.

Stress Reduction:

  • The natural calming properties of Rudraksha are believed to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Consuming Rudraksha-infused water may contribute to a sense of tranquillity and mental well-being.

Improved Concentration and Focus:

  • Rudraksha is associated with enhanced concentration and mental clarity.
  • Regular intake of Rudraksha-infused water is believed to support cognitive functions, promoting better focus.

Balanced Energy Centers (Chakras):

  • Rudraksha beads are linked to the balancing of energy centres (chakras) in the body.
  • Water infused with Rudraksha essence may contribute to the harmonization of these energy points.

Alleviation of Ailments:

  • Ayurvedic traditions suggest that Rudraksha water may have healing properties, potentially alleviating certain ailments.
  • It is often considered a natural remedy for various health issues.


  • Rudraksha Water Therapy is believed to have detoxifying effects on the body.
  • Regular consumption may aid in the elimination of toxins and promote overall detoxification.

Enhanced Spiritual Connection:

  • Rudraksha is revered for its spiritual significance.
  • Consuming Rudraksha-infused water is thought to enhance one’s spiritual connection and mindfulness.

Improved Skin Health:

  • Rudraksha water may contribute to improved skin health due to its detoxifying properties.
  • It is believed to promote a clearer complexion and a healthy glow.

Experience the holistic benefits of Rudraksha Water Beads Therapy, including support for blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels. Incorporate this ancient practice into your daily routine to enhance your overall well-being. Start your journey to improved health and spiritual connection by exploring Rudraksha Water Therapy today.


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